Phx: 602-482-2116

PHX: 602-482-2116

Treatment for upper limb spasticity

Patients with upper limb spasticity can significantly improve their function by having treatment to reduce the spasticity in an arm. Patients who have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or spinal cord injury often suffer from...

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Obamacare is penalizing me for pursuing my dreams

Many of my patients are coming to realize that it was a lie when the President said that families would save on the average $2,500/year with Obamacare. The truth is that the average family is spending $5,000/year MORE with Obamacare. Read this article for one couples...

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Chronic Migraine Treatment

North Valley Neurology & Sleep provides expert treatment for patients with Chronic Migraine. For patients who fail to get relief with daily preventative migraine medications, we offer treatment with Botox. This treatment is covered by Medicare and most commercial...

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Fibromyalgia Clinical Drug Trial

North Valley Neurology & Sleep in association with HOPE Research Institute is participating in a clinical drug trial testing a new treatment for patients with Fibromyalgia. If you are interested in learning more about this trial, please call 602-288-4673. All study...

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Top Doc Phoenix Magazine 2015

Dr. Jeffrey Gitt was awarded the "Top Doc" award by Phoenix Magazine for 2015. Dr. Gitt is honored to be included as one of the top Neurologists in Phoenix. This is the second consecutive year Dr. Gitt has received this prestigious award. Dr. Gitt is accepting new...

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Why Doctors Quit, Part 2

Electronic Health Records are essentially mandated by the Obama administration. Doctors who don't use this technology are penalized with reduced payments for services. Read Charles Krauthammer's sequel below.  ...

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What do neurologists treat?

Neurologists specialize in diseases and disorders of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, nerves and corresponding blood vessels. You might be seen by a neurologist if you experience dizziness, numbness, muscle weakness, confusion or coordination...

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