I have been a neurologist for over 34 years. I also have been a speaker for several pharmaceutical companies for the last few decades. I have been an advocate for decades for helping people suffering from MS,  and for teaching my colleagues the latest greatest in treatment of MS.

Yesterday I challenged one of these companies who are requiring physician speakers to be vaccinated in order to continue to be contracted to be a speaker. Their attorney indicated that the vaccine is required in order to be a speaker, or that testing before programs would be required. The explanation was that the federal government has mandated such. Unfortunately, the truth is that the mandate was challenged in court one day after issued, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay on the Biden vaccine mandate on November 6th.


The attorney also stated that all companies are requiring this. Not true. I signed another agreement as a speaker yesterday, with no such requirement.

Why do I bring this to your attention? 

COVID-19 shots are not vaccines. I don’t care that the dishonest CDC changed the definition of a vaccine. Vaccines prevent one from getting an infection. The new definition is only intended to allow the dishonest CDC to further it’s tyrannical rules. The Pfizer, and Moderna jabs DO NOT PREVENT people from getting COVID-19. Furthermore, the mandate does not make exceptions for those who recovered from prior infection with COVID-19 AND have blood test proof of immunity! If the goal of a vaccine is to produce antibodies, why not exempt people who recovered and have antibodies already? Vaccinated individuals can still get COVID-19, and still can spread COVID-19. That is the fact folks. So, ask yourselves, why do we have mandates for people to take the jabs? There is NO public health reason for this. Hospitals are NOT overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients. Healthy people have a 99.8% survival rate from COVID-19 infection. People who recovered from COVID-19, and are infected a second time, have a survival rate of over 99.99999%. 

The sad part of all of this, is that I will not be able to continue to teach MS patients at support group meetings. I will not be able to meet with general neurologists to teach them about the rapidly changing treatments for MS. Thus, you, the patients, are the losers in this political battle. The Biden administration is making rules that are forcing doctors and nurses to chose between working, or taking a jab they don’t want. Many are faced with having to take the jab in order to continue feeding their families. Many brave doctors/nurses are choosing to quit rather than take the jab. We already face a health care crisis, with shortages of qualified doctor/nurses. Explain to me why we are doing this, with NO public health benefit in forcing vaccinations on health care workers.

All the major hospitals in Phoenix are requiring all staff (doctors, nurses, every employee and affiliate) to be jabbed. They also make no exemption for those with blood test proof of immunity following recovery. Why? It is because the CDC says even following recovery, one should be jabbed. Why are they taking this position? I suspect they are being paid off by big pharmaceutical companies who are getting billions from the federal government who is paying them to vaccinate everybody. Hospitals are allowing medical or religious exemptions only, but not all are being approved. How long before people die because qualified doctors/nurses are not available? How long before hospitals hire foreign or less qualified staff to replace your doctor? Since the media is complicit with democrats by and large, there is no talk of any of this on mainstream media outlets. In fact, they are making every effort to portray people like me as out of touch, or crazy. The facts speak for themselves. I am not crazy or out of touch.

How come we aren’t seeing the results of well performed clinical trials showing Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are safe and effective treatments for COVID-19? They only point out the studies to the contrary. I’ll tell you why. It is because they are cheap and won’t make big pharmaceutical companies billions. These old drugs are safe, and cheap. Why not allow us to use them with minimal risk? Pharmacies often won’t even dispense them to patients holding a prescription. Governors for several states outlawed doctors from writing such prescriptions! Since when is it the job of a politician to determine what treatment a doctor and a patient choose in a clinic? How dare they? Yet, it is true, even here in Arizona. Doctors write prescriptions for off label use of drugs EVERY DAY. This is considered standard of care treatment for multiple illnesses. 

Shutting down the economy hurt many more people than COVID-19 ever will. Preventing people from getting cancer screening will kill millions, far more than COVID-19 ever will.

How long before people wake up and do something? I for one am speaking up, at risk of attack by government, by hospitals, and by big pharma. I’ll take that risk. I am older, and can afford to. Sadly, many of my colleagues are unable to take that risk. Call your congressmen and tell them you don’t support the mandates. Write to me by email if you have questions.

Dr. Gitt