I hear Democratic politicians promoting a “public option” to “increase competition” in the healthcare market. Will it do that?

The government does not have to compete with the private sector fairly. They can enact a “public option” insurance plan, and set the cost below the cost of private health insurance by subsidizing the difference with YOUR TAX DOLLARS. This will drive millions of Americans into such a plan. Once they have destroyed the private insurance sector by doing this, they will then increase rates, and enact rationing. “Sorry Mr. Smith, you are too old for a hip replacement/coronary bypass/chemotherapy, etc”. You will be at the mercy of Washington bureaucrats to decide what care you are permitted. Furthermore, a public option will encourage employers to terminate employer coverage for your health insurance. Why would an employer continue to pay for your health insurance when the government is willing to cover it? Look at Canada, England, or other countries. Availability to see the doctor may take months. You might be told an MRI is not necessary, or that you can’t see a specialist for 6-9 months. Doctors will have no motivation to work hard, as their income will be slashed by the government mandates. Young people will avoid a career in medicine. Why spend 12+ years training, to enter a career that no longer is lucrative?

Think about it before you vote. Was it true when we were told about Obamacare that “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, or, “If you like you insurance, you can keep your insurance”. Both statements were not true. The result of Obamacare was dramatically increased cost of health care insurance because of the regulations requiring coverage for a laundry list of items, many of which people didn’t want, or need. Eliminating such a mandate resulted in lower cost to health insurance premiums in the last 3.75 years.  The answer is to improve on the private sector of health insurance, not to get the government running health insurance. Applying pressure to pharmaceutical companies to lower cost of medications is being pursued currently, and will certainly help in lowering costs. Creating a safety net for uninsured people, without destroying the coverage for the 180 million people currently covered by private health insurance is the way to ensure you continue to have control over your health care choices. Don’t fall for the lie that the government is here to help you. They are not. They will ultimately control what care you get. Is that what you want? Not me. Thank you.