How to research Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials

Jan 08, 2024
Clinical trials in arizona multiple sclerosis
Finding a resource for clinical trials or other treatment options for multiple sclerosis can be challenging. The article below will show some resources that may be useful in navigating current and on-going clinical trials.
Clinical trials, aiming to find new treatments, but where do you start to look and find resources ? Below are some helpful links that will help you in this process. But how do you explore these resources? It may seem cumbersome at first, but find a study related to your specific condition, then search the study or website page to see if you are eligible, then reach out by phone or send a email to a contact at a study site. Alternativley you can paste the study description in google and find some alternative links that way since sometimes the clinical study ID does not always return a good search result. 

BEAT-MS offers insights into various ongoing studies, while the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice provides a comprehensive list of MS clinical trials this may be helpful for those looking for something specific local and abroad.

For those seeking a broader scope, CenterWatch lists numerous MS clinical trials (however the clinical trial ID isn't linked with the clinicaltrials.gov study ID, so you have to paste the description in google), while the National MS Society focuses on patient participation in research. Furthermore, ClinicalTrials.gov offers an extensive database of MS trials (current studies, upcoming studies), this is probably the best place to start your search. Additionally, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is a valuable resource for finding NINDs-sponsored clinical trials (National Institute of Neurological Disorders).

As research progresses, these trials offer hope and potential breakthroughs in the treatment and understanding of MS. They embody the collaborative effort between scientists, medical professionals, and patients in the journey to conquer this challenging condition.
Multiple Sclerosis clinical trial resources:
Each of these links provides valuable information on ongoing and upcoming clinical trials for Multiple Sclerosis in Arizona and abroad.

If you are looking for a local resource for Multiple Sclerosis clinical trials,  Arizona Neuroscience Research ANR@centerforneurologyandspine.com may also be a good place to start. 
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